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The Italian espresso for the most demanding cafeterias

2 Blends resulting from a careful selection from the very beginning.

persone al bar

Bars and Cafeterias

Italian style

Caffè MOD stands out for the quality of its blends and for the attention to  customer,  we involve our customers in campaigns  Corporate marketing to increase the visibility of their premises.

The professionals of the coffee sector, the baristas, are important "Opinion Makers" for us, representatives and ambassadors of our brand towards the  consumer  final, increase their authority and support them  with marketing tools it has a positive impact on our Company Brand.


Good at first glance.

Accessories such as coffee mugs, napkins, watches, and trays  aprons are a means of communication not to be underestimated, they convey the identity of the place to the consumer.

We value accessories because we want those who drink  our coffee recognizes the value of the bars and cafes that serve it.




grembiule bar con pettorina in pelle merchadising torrefazione
grembiule merchandising torrefazione Modena
merchandising torrefazione Modena
grembiule nero elegante bar
grembiule nero corto barista


Tazza caffè personalizzata
tazza cappuccino caffè Mod
tazza caffè latte mod
tazza vetro caffè mod
bicchiere caffeino mod


merchandising torrefazione Modena
orologio mechandising caffè Mod
zuccheriera mod
portatovaglioli merchandising torrefazione Modena
portazucchero merchandising torrefazione Modena
merchandising bar vassoio caffe mod
portatovaglioli bar
porta tovaglioli bar merchandising
porta bustine bar
porta zuccheri bar

Contattaci senza impegno se preferisci parlare di persona delle opportunità che può offrirti Caffè Mod

contattaci con whatsapp


Grow  together

Advertising, showing who you are, is a very important aspect of business.

Developing the best advertising plans is as important for us as it is for our customers, so we develop advertising content, photos, video spots and websites for our customers with the collaboration of professionals.

Caffè Mod is not just a quality coffee, it is an image brand ready to bet on the image of its customers.


Professional Coffee Machines

Professional Equipment for Bars and Restaurants

macchina da caffè faema per bar

Analyzing and evaluating the needs of a customer, we provide professional equipment on loan for use. The quality of delivery and the reliability of a coffee machine are a fundamental component of the result in the cup of our coffee.

We have chosen to provide our partners who request them with machines with high quality standards such as LA CIMBALI - FAEMA - LA SPAZIALE.

macchina da caffè La spaziale per bar
macchina da caffè professionale cimbali M200

Many Products

Many products, a single supplier, practicality and time gained

We have enriched the offer to our customers with many quality products that are commonly used on premises.  

Having expanded the product range allows us to offer to the premises that have chosen us products at very competitive prices and to our customers to have a single reference for a wide range of products, saving precious time and breaking down the minimum order.

The most important product that Caffè MoD can sell you is your "TIME", our broadest service, entirely centered around the barista, gives you the opportunity to do what you have never had time to do.

alcolici bar
vini bar e ristornanti
caffè per bar
artigiana caffè
caffè per bar
macchina da caffè capsule per ristoranti

Linea capsule fap per Hotel e Ristoranti


Approfondimenti sul Caffè e sul settore Bar e Ristoranti
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